Black Magic Tan Professional

Body Building and photoshoot tan course

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Black Magic Tan Professional

Body Building and photoshoot tan course

Regular price £300.00
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Muscle Tan is used by more federations than any other solution.  We are extremely passionate about this part of the industry being and or becoming more professional. 

A lot of federations have spray tanners that are not even qualified spray tan artists, and this is wrong.  A competitor is still receiving a treatment and have paid for this.  If an athlete has a bad tan, or one that is not dark enough they can get marked down for it and it could be the difference between getting placed or not.  

Competition tanning training used to be 121 but we have opened it up to group training with a maximum of 6 students. The main theory is online, and this will be followed by a day’s practical training and where possible coming to a show for experience.  Then you will be coming to shows fully paid or being sent athletes or competitors for tans or photoshoot tans, obviously whoever is closest in the area to the athlete.

 This course will teach you how to perfectly apply Muscle Tan competition solution

On completion of the course, you will be listed on the Muscle Tan approved tanners directory for athletes to access, we will also where possible invite you to work on the Muscle Tan team at events


  • The various tanning solutions and equipment you will use.
  • How to complete the perfect competition tan
  • How to use the equipment and proper spraying techniques to give a flawless tan every time
  • How to do different variations of a photoshoot tan including proper contouring
  • How tanning in the body building and fitness industry works


  • ​Fully accredited course, the first one ever in the UK since 2014
  • Hands on training
  • All students will receive a certificate
  • Access to sales & discounts on Black Magic professional solutions
  • Network listing for client referrals from Black Magic
  • Ongoing support and refresher trainings at a discounted rate.


What you will need 

Gun and tent 

Group Course max 6

We are currently looking at dates, venues, and locations so anyone who is interested if you want to indicate where you are based etc, then we can put these courses on, so they are as close by as possible.

 We have Klarna and Layby for anyone who wants to pay that way.

 These courses are also open to anyone based in Europe obviously this will be done via zoom.

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