Some Tips for Branding Your Spray Tanning Business on a Budget

Some Tips for Branding Your Spray Tanning Business on a Budget

With a legitimate concern with skin cancer coming from traditional tanning beds, people have been steadily turning to spray tanning over the past decade or so. It's a lucrative time to get into this business, but if you're opening a new spray tan business, you might need some tips on getting the branding just right. Well, you've come to the right place. Here's how to brand your new spray tan business without busting your budget.

What's In a Name

The first step in your branding journey is to come up with a name. The sky is really the limit here, but your name is important because it's going to guide the rest of your branding. Choose carefully, and no pressure, but it can be expensive to rename your business down the line. Make sure you spend some time to come up with one you don't hate. It also helps if your business name has an open domain name; you can check that out at

You Gotta Have a Logo

After you've come up with your brand's new name, it's time to design a logo. You can do that for free here, at LogoCreator, which also has some great templates you can use so your logo fits with the rest of the industry. Presenting a professional logo to your target market is very important because it lends credibility to your brand and gives your customers something to recognize in your marketing. Your brand is your logo and vice versa, so put some time into designing one for free and put it everywhere!

Find Your Voice

Your brand's voice needs to be distinct, and it's something money won't necessarily buy. Instead, it takes thought, planning, and a good marketing strategy. Your voice will be important in all your marketing and communication campaigns, so you have to make sure it's what you want to convey. As a spray tanning business, you probably want to be fun, hip, and sexy to help you stand out among your competition, so keep that in mind when you're marketing. Here's a great resource on how to find a suitable voice for your brand. 

Bill Yourself As the Pro

Spray tans can be tricky to get right, and nobody wants to come out of one looking like a splotchy orange. If you don't build your brand up as being professional and capable of producing a great result, nobody is going to try you out. In this case, social media is your friend. Post before and after pictures of yourself and your friends showing your work, offer free or reduced price tans in the hopes of getting reviews, and post video content of your work in action to convince your customers that you're a professional. Getting great results is a sure way to get your brand the credibility it needs to make it as a successful startup.

Know What You're Doing

Billing yourself as a professional is all well and good, but if you don't actually know what you're doing, your brand won't make it. Spray tanning has become a remarkably profitable business if you're good, and there are plenty of free guides online on how to start a business, what equipment you need, and good techniques for getting the perfect tan. The marketing and branding will only get you so far; you have to give great results or word will get out quickly and you'll be dead in the water before you even get started.

Opening a spray tanning salon can be a lucrative enterprise, but as with any new business, it's important to brand yourself. Following these tips can help you build that brand and get customers in the door for the best tan ever!

By Maxine Woods

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