Not all spray tan courses are the same............

Not all spray tan courses are the same............

For some reason people think that spray tanning is one of those treatments that can be taught in 1/2 a day on one model. Reasons why this is ludicrous is

  1. You have a spray tan when you want to show off parts of your body or in some cases nearly all of it, or all of it depending on the situation, why would anyone think anything other than a perfect tan will do?
  2. A tan most of the time is for a special occasion, its not very often you have one to sit at home covered up.  A special occasion means the biggest day of your life, a photoshoot, a special event or maybe someone special is going to see you up close and personal, times that will be cherished maybe photographed and what you will look back on.

When your being taught to spray tan you should be taught from the off, how to do perfect hands and feet.  How to spray larger bodies and big boobs, you need to know how to spray men or someone who may be bald.  I have noticed on a lot of courses, or should I say when students come to me due to not feeling confident at tanning or are having major issues, is that they don't get taught these things, but they can come back and do a course and learn how to.  Why would you get someone to come out and do you a spray tan, to be left with terrible hand and feet, for the spray tan artist to say its ok, I know it was bad last time but I have been on the second course and I'm better at them now.  You don't get a second chance to impress someone.  A spray tan due to the near nakedness and the trauma that can bring to a lot of clients is, once they have plucked up the courage to go naked in front of you, they trust you and want to come back to you, not go through the stress again with someone else.

Choosing the right course is important, and if you want to be an amazing spray tan artist then you need to train with a company who wants you to be just that.

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