Preparation and aftercare

Here at Black Magic Tan we want you to look amazing when you get on that stage, our products are made with natural ingredients to guarantee the perfect tan, anybody who sprays with Black Magic has had to undergo advanced training with ourselves so we know that if you are having a Black Magic Tan that it going to be applied correctly so that you having the winning combination of perfect body and tan. Black Magic as a company is unique in that we have extensive knowledge of not just tanning but skin care in general, with our Black Magic team being owned and  headed by Sarah Jane Caine who as well as being a tanning expert has 24 years’ experience within the beauty world especially in advanced skincare.

Looking after your skin is important.  You take such great care of your body, don’t forget to look after the outside too.  When preparing for your competition / shoot, try to give your skin some TLC. Exfoliation is key to having the perfect tan; it removes the loose, dead skin cells so that you have a fresh base ready to be tanned.  You need to be preparing your skin for at least a couple of weeks before the competition, and it’s as simple as buying yourself some exfoliating gloves from the supermarket and some simple shower gel, gently exfoliate your body 3 times a week, this will leave your skin looking healthy and glowing. If you exfoliate too much or too harshly it can cause your skin to become dryer or alternatively can also make it become oily due to the dryness, which can then lead to spots. Don’t forget your face the Body Shop and Clarins do great Vitamin C face exfoliators, again you should not be doing this more than 2/3 times a week, and be sure to moisturise with a hydrating moisturiser.

Moisturising daily will also help to make your skin smooth and perfectly prepped for your tan, but don’t apply any moisturiser before your tan.

Hints and Tips

  • Exfoliate 3 times a week gently with exfoliating mitts and simple shower gel, or an oil free body scrub
  • Shave at least 12 hours before your tan, if you have never shaved before then try to do it a couple of times in the weeks prior to your tan so that your skin can get used to it. If you are choosing to use Veet, then again make sure you do a patch test and so it at least 48 hours before your tan. Waxing should be done the week before and preferably have had it done before as the first time can sometimes cause spots.
  • Make sure that you have no perfume/oils/makeup/deodorant on as these can make the tan go green or patchy
  • Bring extra loose clothing to apply the bigger the better, do not wear red as this can make your tan go green
  • Moisturise daily in the lead up to your tan, when you have your final shower where you will exfoliate, then do not apply it again until after your comp and you have washed the tan off.
  • Do not shower off your tan, in the time recommended by your tanner, if she/he says 2 hours they mean it! Leaving a tan on longer than recommended can ruin your tan by drying out the skin and it wont last as long.
  • Be careful not to get any water/liquid on your tan at all, take extra care when cleaning your teeth as toothpaste can remove it, drink through a straw and be careful when going to the loo especially ladies as urine will strip the tan.
  • Do not apply perfume to your neck or skin before or after your tan, the alcohol breaks down the tan and will make it go patchy, apply to hair instead
  • Do not use sunbeds apart from the obvious damage to your skin, it will dry your skin out and not in a good way, and will also cause you to hold water – meaning that your tan and body won’t look like it should do.
  • Enjoy yourself at the competition, your tan is your finishing touch and we want you to have that winning tan, so please feel free to contact us or any of the tanners registered here on our website if you have any questions or concerns.
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